Music to help you relax & meditate

Meditation Music has the power to….

Soothe the mind, relax the body and lift the spirits. Ambient soundscapes, instruments from around the world, and sounds from nature are key ingredients Aroshanti uses to help facilitate safe and warm spaces for your meditation practices.

Meditation Music for Healing & Relaxation

Welcome to where you’ll find meditation music to help relax, heal, sleep and energize your mind, body and spirit.

Thank you to all of my listeners for the wonderful feedback they give as I walk my dedicated path of spreading visionary music around the world. I hope you enjoy visiting my website and of course listening to the Aroshanti collection of music.

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OM Mantras – Solfeggio Frequencies

Step into a haven of tranquillity and inner exploration with our OM Mantras Album, a celestial journey through the tapestry of Solfeggio Frequencies. Each meticulously crafted track is a sacred…

Weekly Meditation Videos

You can find weekly meditation videos on YouTube for your enjoyment or to play in the background, creating a relaxed environment for relaxation, meditation, or even sleep. The accompanying music also fosters a peaceful atmosphere for concentration and studying.

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Although we don’t have the continuous connection with nature that our ancestors did, we can use relaxing nature music to help trigger our body’s natural response to these sounds.

Weekly Words of Wisdom

Pause for thought … Words of wisdom from inspirational quotes and what they mean.

I share inspiring quotes and images I come across every other day. My goal is to bring you motivation, inspiration, and a smile. There is a wealth of wisdom from thought leaders, wellness experts, and people who have shared their journeys.

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Sound Mindfulness Blog

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Embrace the Power of Sound

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Feel the bliss of pure relaxation as muscles relax, breathing deepens and the mind grows calm as the meditation music guides you. Dissolve tension and achieve serenity listening to gentle vibes and ambient soundscapes. Create a meditative state to enhance energy and holistic therapies.

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Tap into music’s power to heal and evoke inner peace. Revitalising sound vibrations and atmospheric soundscapes help tune the body into the right frame of mind for healing, holistic exercise and meditation. At the speed of sound create a meditative state to nurture body, mind and spirit.

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Forget counting sheep… listening to soft and gentle meditation music can help clear the day’s busy thoughts and enable you to sleep naturally. Not only does soothing music help lower your heart and respiratory rate but also calm and clear your mind, making you ready for restful and deep sleep.

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Music motivates! Rhythm can affect our bodies so that our pulse and breath are in time with the music’s beat or rhythm. Mixed with atmospheric soundscapes and evocative instruments you can use meditation music to energize and invigorate your daily routine and perspective.

How I make Meditation Music

This is how I make meditation music, using a blend of live instruments and layering them together. Recording them into my digital workstation (PC), I use Nuendo by Steinberg, where I then layer on audio effects and synthesisers. If you are just starting out definitely check out virtual instruments or effects that allow you to take your own recorded samples and run them through a technique called Granular Synthesis – great for amazing atmospheric sounds.

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