Path to Reiki Relaxation

Find your own Reiki path on the sacred slopes of Mount Kuriyama. Take a deep breath …. and let your mind be still. An album inspired by some of the most sacred and profound concepts in Reiki. This video takes you on a journey through the album and explores some of the concepts that has […]

Enter the world of the Zen Warrior

Samurai – Discover the Way of the Samurai from Aroshanti on Vimeo. Step in the ancient world of the Samurai, a culture devoted in their pursuit of balance of mind, body, spirit and perfection. The music is performed on many authentic instruments such as Taiko drums and Shaku flutes which give the CD a unique […]

A journey through Sacred Geometry

Manifest the beauty of your soul, walk a rainbow through your life. This video takes you on a journey through the Sacred Geometry of the universe and beyond the void.   CREDITS Visionary art by Barbara Rose, Music from Aroshanti’s ‘Clearzone‘ album