New Tracks for Sleep Relaxation

Creating a nurturing and safe space for deep sleep, this music has been especially designed and composed for newborn babies and young families to help establish healthy sleep routines.

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New Royalty Free Media Licences

The Royalty Free Media Licences now look extra fresh and special after a complete make over. These media licences give you the permission you need to use Aroshanti's music on your media projects.

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New in the Studio ... Sundrum

New in the Studio is the Sundrum by Valter Percussion, which sounds like a mix of a Kalimba and a Tongue Drum. What makes the Sundrum so special are the tunable tongues using magnets.

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Practitioner Licence gets a new look

I've updated the look and feel of our free Practitioner License. Add one to your shopping basket to make sure you're covered or drop me a line and I'll be happy to update your existing one.

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About Aroshanti

Aroshanti is the pen name used by composer Nick Truch for his relaxation and healing genre of music.

The name Aroshanti originates from two words:

  • Roshan – an Arabic word meaning bright or shining
  • Shanti – a Sanskrit word used in the sacred languages of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism meaning a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace

Put to together these words make Aroshanti – ‘a bright inner peace that shines through your spirit’

The New Age movement is taking on a global transformation. Its values are starting to spread and take on different forms as we become more concerned for our planet. It is moving towards a global consciousness and a way of life that is in harmony with our beautiful planet. We are now in a time where science and spirituality can begin to harmonise and develop new ways of understanding the world we live in. To mention but a few examples:

Sound is everywhere and resonates through every cell of our bodies. This universal language connects us all whether we can physically hear it or not.

As I learn more about sound and music the more amazed I am about the world we live in. The more I develop my spiritual being the more inspired I am to compose music and play with sound.

Everything around us from oxygen atoms, blades of grass, the wind in the mountains, to galaxies all resonate and create sound. I believe that a divine healing power comes from this universal sound and resonance. It is from this source of resonance that I compose my music.”


Aroshanti Music

Aroshanti’s music is characterised by waves of harmonies, rhythmical melodies and all things that resonate. Influenced by many genres, instruments and styles of music all these different forms of resonance can be heard in his music.
Key signatures of the music includes:

  • Atmospheric soundscapes
  • Deep and stirring textures
  • Interwoven and grounding melodies + harmonies
  • Ethnic influences in instruments and rhythm

“Tibetan chanting, jaw harps, and didgeridoos to all non-man-made sounds from the sea, sky, earth, and fire .. even space, the inspiration of sound is everywhere. I find tuning into these different sources of resonance a great inspiration for my composing. Focusing on those sounds and vibrations that create harmony, at all levels, can be a tremendous source of creation, healing and balanced well being.”



Having travelled the world and lived abroad many different influences and genres of music can be heard in Nick’s compositions. Nick’s cultural instrumental interests range widely from Irish folk music to Taiko and Djembe drumming.

Having now settled in the English Lake District, Nick finds an endless source of inspiration from the nature and scenic views that surround his home and studio.

“There are so many genres and cultural mixes of music that I love to listen to, its impossible to narrow my music down into one genre.”