Music by Aroshanti

A warm welcome to my website! Thank you for visiting. I’m Nick Truch and I compose and produce music from my studio in the English Lake District. Aroshanti is the pen name I use for my meditation and relaxation music, which you can listen to here on this website or on all the mainstream channels like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc. I hope you enjoy my music, and any feedback is always very welcome!

How I make Meditation Music

This is how I make meditation music, using a blend of live instruments and layering them together. Recording them into my digital workstation (PC), I use Nuendo by Steinberg, where I then layer on audio effects and synthesisers. If you are just starting out definitely check out virtual instruments or effects that allow you to take your own recorded samples and run them through a technique called Granular Synthesis – great for amazing atmospheric sounds.

Aroshanti the name

I created the name Aroshanti from a melding of two words that I feel together express the essence of my music:

Roshan’ an Arabic word meaning bright or shining

Shanti’ a Sanskrit word used in the sacred languages of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism meaning a state of inner peace, tranquility and profound rest

Aroshanti is intended to mean ‘a moment of bright inner peace’, which I think nicely represents the purpose of my music.

My Music Philosophy

From the smallest atoms to the greatest galaxies, the whole cosmos is vibrating. Sound is everywhere, and is in everything. It resonates throughout every cell of our bodies, whether we can physically hear it or not. This universal language connects us all to each other, to our ecosystem and to our planet, to our galaxy and to the entire universe.

Throughout human history different cultures have developed their own distinctive musical instruments and musical traditions to harness the power of sound. Most, if not all,
civilizations across the ages have used sound as medicine to ease individual and societal distress and to heal physical, emotional and mental ailments and dis-ease.

In our modern world many of us have experienced the healing power of music. Who has not used music to lift their spirits, to soothe and calm themselves, or to help them to sleep? What more might be possible? Scientific research is now linking music to more and more health benefits. We are in a time where science and spirituality are increasingly developing new ways of understanding the world of vibration that we live in.

The more I learn about sound and music, the more amazed I am by the world we live in. The more I develop my spiritual being, the more inspired I am to compose music and play with sound. I believe there is a divine healing power within this universal sound and resonance, and it is from this universal source of sound and resonance that I compose my music. It is my sincerest wish that my music will help to bring into your life more relaxation, healing, balance and nourishing sleep.

Approach to Music

My Aroshanti music is characterised by waves of harmonies,and rhythmical melodies sprinkled with sounds of things that resonate. Influenced by many genres, instruments and styles of music, many different forms of resonance can be heard in my music.

I love to create atmospheric soundscapes with deep and stirring textures, interwoven with grounding melodies and harmonies. I have an ever growing collection of world instruments, which I use to add authentic ethnic sounds and rhythms.

In my music you will hear bamboo flutes, Tibetan chanting, jaw harps, and didgeridoos (to mention just a few!). I also incorporate animal sounds, such as the calls of humpback whales, as well as non-man-made sounds from sea, sky, earth, fire .. and even space. Sound is everywhere. I tune into these different sources of resonance and find great inspiration for my composing. Listening to these sounds and vibrations that create harmony at all levels, is a tremendous source of creation, healing and balanced well-being.

YogiLifestyle Interview

If you would like to hear more about my approach to music here is an interview I did with YinYoga Lifestyle.

“Having travelled the world and lived abroad, many different influences and genres of music can be heard in Nick’s compositions. Nick’s cultural instrumental interests range widely from Irish folk music to Taiko and Djembe drumming.

Having now settled in the English Lake District, Nick finds an endless source of inspiration from the nature and scenic views that surround his home and studio.”

Click here for the full interview

A message of Gratitude

I am so grateful to be able to do what I love for a living, and I would like to thank all the people who have made this possible for me. To all the people from around the world who listen to my music … THANK YOU!