‘Art of Whispering’ Interview by Jean-Pierre


Jean-Pierre lives in South France and runs a Yoga school in the Apls. Activities include Nidra, Natha, Pranayama, and meditation techniques (such as Chiné, Vipassanna and Antar Muna). Jean has also written numerous books about relaxation, music and dream benefits and incorporates this into his Yoga teachings and practices. Sound is an important part of his classes and to finish he uses Tibetan bowls for their therapeutic values, through whole body sound massages.

For more information about Jean-Pierre and his Yoga school please visit www.yoga-enfants-adultes.com

We asked Jean about using music in his work

Using Music for spiritual practice

Throughout the years, I’ve collected over 700 ‘new age’ cds or mp3 albums. I still use them to help with centering and focusing the mind before a yoga lesson, as our everyday life does not allow us to live in true mindfullness. Emotional effects of music are a true help to feeling more centered, in ones body, beyond thoughts and ruminations. Sometimes, it’s used at the end of a lesson, to improve its effects, and to give the student the opportunity to feel wellness a long time after their bodywork.


Why Aroshanti?

Among my huge collection, Aroshanti’s music takes an important place. The artist captures the true essence of presence, and listener is wondered by the ‘Here and Now’ feeling. The humming melodies, distant voices, and soft flutes breathing create a perfect sanctuary to fly away, far from daily dust. However, the musical tapestry of Aroshanti is not only a journey outside, it’s also a deep rooting in the true self, just like watching silently clouds drifting from the top of a mountain. A great experience, graceful, and always different.

Review written by Jean

Dear friends from school yoga Saulce, I want to introduce you to Aroshanti, one of the most talented and promising contemporary musicians, at least in my eyes … and especially my ears
Let’s explore this outstanding artist, in a bilingual meeting (Full Interview can be found here).

Aroshanti Let’s meet!

1. Namaste, Aroshanti, why did you choose such a place to meet each other?
“We are in one of my favourite places, Castlerigg stone circle in the English Lake District. I feel closest to my music and source of inspiration when surrounded by nature and stunning landscapes like this one. Living in the Lake District is real gift of endless inspiration. This is why this spot with ancient stones and atmospheric mountain mists is a perfect place to meet.”

2. Your music seems to speak the secret languages of soul. When and why did you start practising this ‘art of whispering’?
“I was brought up with an open mind, one of the many gifts from my parents. I have experienced and seen many, what you might call, spiritual practices like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong etc. They all resonated with me but there wasn’t one single practice that I felt “Yes this is the one”.

That was until I discovered my connection to sound and spiritual music. I don’t mean religious music, I mean, as you say …” music that whispers to the soul”.

I would describe this as music that takes a gentle hold and really resonates with the heart and core of your being. This is where I try to compose my music from. If I feel that gentle hold and the goosebumps that sometimes go with it, then I make sure the recording button is on!

If this has the same effect on others, then that is fantastic and I am delighted to share the music.”

3. Is ‘New Age Music’ a right label for your art?
“I feel ‘New Age’ music is more of a catch-all category and sometimes is the only choice channels offer. Do I think it is the right category? Well, probably not, but sometimes it’s the best option. I would place my music into four categories and those are simply, Relax, Heal, Sleep, and Energise…. the four things I feel we need to lead a balanced life and enjoy healthy well-being.”

4. Shakuhachi, Bansuri, Dizi, the wind instruments seem to be your favourites. What kind of artists have nurtured you own musicscape?
“You’re absolutely right, these instruments are definitely up there amongst my favourites. They have been the instruments that connect me the most quickly to that gentle hold that resonates.
Although some of these instruments only have 5 (pentatonic) holes … the range of expression is vast and use of the breath really helps me explore the power of sound.

But my first instruments and my love of music came from percussion. My very first instrument was the African Djembe. I have since discovered the ethereal Swiss instrument called the Hang Drum, which for me combines the best of both rhythm and melody. Other instruments and sound you will hear in my music are Tibetan bowls and overtone chanting which I find has such a grounding effect.

The artists that I feel have really inspired me include Vangelis (whose Blade Runner soundscape is my all-time favourite), the gentle sounds from Deuter, melody and soundscapes from Jean Michel Jarre, the enchanting harmonies of Clannad, the brilliant and fun Penguin Cafe and of course the soul-stirring music from Anugama.”

5. Do you sometimes perform ‘live’ concerts?
“I have performed in a number of small local concerts with friends, but I am yet to figure out how to take my studio with me to replicate my studio sound in a live setting.
My studio is a balance between live instruments and high tech soundscapes in which I place and arrange those live sounds. Seeing Jean Michel Jarre in Wembley was a point in my life where I was wowed and really inspired to make music. But I may have to buy a few laser machines before I approach Wembley.”

6. May we hope meet you someday in our yoga school, playing flutes along with our tibetans bells and bowls?
“That would be wonderful and, yes, of course I would come with flutes and Hang Drum in tow.”

7. Where people and fans can find and purchase your music?
“You can find my music on all major online music shops so you can use your favourite apps. But at www.aroshanti.com you’ll find my complete work and you can step into the studio to hear work in progress and access exclusive tracks.

I am always keen to hear feedback from listeners and how they use the music. Please don’t hesitate to message me at nick@aroshanti.com