“Meditation is a doorway to the soul.”

James Van Praagh

Meditation is not just a way to relax, but it can be an effective tool for self-exploration and growth. It can help you connect with your inner thoughts and feelings, while also improving your well being. Imagine a world where this practice is taught in all our schools, colleges, hospitals and businesses. Here’s to opening those doors!

James Van Praagh is a renowned American spiritual medium, author, and television personality. Born on August 23, 1958, he has gained recognition for his work in communicating with spirits and delivering messages from the afterlife. Through his numerous television appearances and best-selling books such as “Talking to Heaven” and “Heaven and Earth,” Van Praagh has helped demystify the concept of the afterlife and provided comfort to those grieving the loss of loved ones. With his dedication to promoting spiritual growth and understanding, he has empowered individuals worldwide to tap into their own intuitive abilities and connect with the spiritual realm.

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