“Peace is not merely the absence of war or conflict but the presence of tranquility, harmony and love.” 

Debasish Mridha

True peace resides not in the absence of conflict, but in the presence of harmony. It is the art of embracing differences, finding common ground, and fostering understanding. Seek harmony within yourself and radiate it outwards, for it is through harmony that peace can thrive.

Dr. Debasish Mridha is a luminary renowned for his profound wisdom, a guiding light whose insights traverse the realms of philosophy, literature, and spirituality. His transformative ideas illuminate the intricate tapestry of human existence, weaving together threads of introspection, compassion, and interconnectedness. Through his eloquent writings and profound teachings, Dr. Mridha imparts a timeless wisdom that inspires individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, fostering not only personal growth but also a deeper understanding of the world and our place within it.

Recent Quotes

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Trusting Your Path

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