“Don’t be down when it rains. Always look up or you’ll miss that rainbow. “


People often say that when it rains it pours, a phrase to describe a person’s bad luck. But let’s remember without rain there will be no rainbows. So don’t be down if you feel you are having a moment of bad luck. Always look up and find that rainbow. By being positive you are more luckily to find those pots of gold!

Aroshanti is a British composer, producer, and meditation teacher who creates music that helps people relax and connect with their inner selves. His music is a fusion of Eastern and Western styles, and it is designed to promote mindfulness, deep relaxation, and spiritual growth. Aroshanti’s wisdom is reflected in his music, which is not only beautiful but also deeply meaningful. His compositions have a way of touching people’s hearts and souls, inspiring them to explore their inner world and connect with the universal consciousness. Through his music, Aroshanti has become a leading voice in the field of meditation and spiritual growth, helping people all over the world to find inner peace and fulfillment.

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