“Sci Fi stops being Sci Fi at the point science catches up with art”
Stephen Ridley

I recently started this paradigm shifting music course by music maestro Stephen Ridley (ridleyacademy.com) … always learning :o) … and he said these nuggets of gold about the importance of the Arts.

So … never underestimate the importance of the arts to help drive the human race forwards. With creativity even the sky isn’t the limit, in a week we land on Mars again 👨‍🚀

Keep those dreams alive!

Stephen Ridley is a British pianist and musician who left his banking career to pursue his passion for music. Growing up in a poor family in South Yorkshire, he was inspired by the pain of his father not fulfilling his dream, which led him to pursue his own. Ridley began playing the piano at an early age and received a scholarship at a top academic school. After graduating with honors in philosophy, political science, and economics, he worked at a top investment bank. However, he realized that the luxuries of his job weren’t making him happy, so he quit and began playing the piano in public. Ridley gained a following and played in over 50 countries, performing for both rich and poor. He is a unique performer known for his intense piano style and provides a spiritual experience with his music.

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