“The light that guides you shines from within.” 


Seek not external sources for guidance, for the light that illuminates your path shines from within. Embrace the profound wisdom and intuition that emanate from the depths of your being. Trust in your inner light, for it holds the power to illuminate even the darkest corners of your journey.

Rumi, a beloved poet and mystic, reminds us of the inherent brilliance that resides within each of us. The guidance we seek does not lie outside ourselves but within the depths of our being. It is a divine light that shines forth, guiding us towards our true purpose and calling. This inner light illuminates the path, dispelling doubts and illuminating the way forward. When we connect with this radiant essence, we gain access to intuitive knowing, profound wisdom, and a deep sense of direction. Embrace the power of your inner light, and let it become your guiding beacon as you navigate the twists and turns of life’s journey.

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