Music for Relaxation & Meditation

Tao Relaxation


Heal, Relax, Sleep

The soothing sounds of the Shakuhachi takes you on a journey to inner peace. Translated literally as ‘The Way’ or ‘The Path’, Tao is a name for the eternally nameless, for the primordial essence, for the fabric out of which all things in the universe …

Zen Relaxation


Relax, Sleep

Japanese Shakuhachi and Chinese Dizi flutes, echoed with Tibetan chanting, take the listener on a peaceful and meditative journey through the essence of Zen. The open space within the music can help facilitate deep spiritual reflection making it idea …

Reiki Relaxation


Heal, Reiki, Relax

Enter an enchanting Temple of Reiki and let the soundscapes create a safe and peaceful space for deep healing. Find your own Reiki path on the sacred slopes of Mount Kuriyama. Total run time 60:00 Available as: (MP3 Download at Highest Quality 320kbp …

Warrior of Zen



Discover the Way of the Zen master. Step into the ancient world of the Zen master, a pursuit of mind, body and spiritual balance. 10 enchanting tracks both Zen like and soul stirring with authentic world instruments. Performed and arranged by Shakuha …



Energise, Heal

The Power of Sound Clearzone evokes the qualities of clarity, stillness and calm, guiding you into a state of mind where you can clear energy blocks, resonate with your inner silence, and facilitate a deep sense of healing, bringing yourself into har …

Reiki Sound Essence


Heal, Reiki, Relax, Sleep

Following a healing journey that leads to The Source. The Reiki Sound Essence CD takes the listener on a journey through the different levels of the essence of Reiki. Total run time 62:30 Available as: (MP3 Download at Highest Quality 320kbps resolut …

Trade CD Packs



If you would like to sell any of Aroshanti’s albums to your own client’s or in your shop you are very welcome to do so. We have setup a few Trade CD pack options, with a recommended retail price, for you to choose from. If you would like help or have …

Practitioner Music Licence


Energise, Heal, Reiki, Relax, Sleep

If you are a therapist or teacher and would like to use music from in your therapy treatments, classes, spas or shop you are very welcome to do so. All you need is our FREE Aroshanti Practitioner’s licence and an order num …

Media Music Licence


Energise, Heal, Reiki, Relax, Sleep

If you are producing a media project where you need background music and would like to use music from in your project you can purchase a Royalty free music licence that gives you permission to use the track in your commercial project.