The Power of Sound

Clearzone evokes the qualities of clarity, stillness and calm, guiding you into a state of mind where you can clear energy blocks, resonate with your inner silence, and facilitate a deep sense of healing, bringing yourself into harmony with your environment.

Clearzone can also be used for space clearing, and creating balance and harmony in the spaces in which you work, rest, and play.

Total run time 60:00

Available as MP3 Downloads (at Highest Quality 320kbps resolution) or a CD in the post.

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The purpose of the Clearzone Sound Essence music is to facilitate a calm state of mind, to cleanse our body’s vibration and to bring balance to our physical and energy bodies. In many cultures sound and high vibration instruments, like bells and gongs, are used to clear a space and unblock stuck energy. Sounds from nature, space clearing instruments, and rhythms to move and transform our moods have been used in the Clearzone music.

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3 tracks | 20 mins each 60:00 minutes


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(High Quality 320kbps resolution)


Panpipes, Chinese Dizi, Overtone Chanting, Wind Chimes, Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowls

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  1. Debbie, Vancouver

    Thank you Nick, peaceful and soothing. Beautiful for relaxation, meditation and treatment sessions. I feel as though you could use the music as well in a qi gong or tai chi class ? Love the drumming great for shamanic journeying. Keep shining bright and much joy on the journey.

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