OM Mantra at 528Hz – Love Frequency

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Track Listing
Radio Edit | 4:20
Extended Mix | 43:38

Imagine a radiant, golden light emanating from the core of your being, spreading warmth and unconditional love through every part of you.

Experience this heart warming OM Mantra, intricately aligned with the healing vibrations of the 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency. Renowned for its DNA repairing and miracle-toned properties, this frequency is the cornerstone of this OM mantra, harmonizing with the divine fabric of Solfeggio Frequencies. The track is enriched by 108 repetitions of the OM chant, a revered number in multiple spiritual traditions, believed to synchronize your energy with the pulse of the universe. This focused repetition accentuates the restorative qualities of the 528 Hz frequency, composing a melody that speaks directly to your heart chakra, opening it wide to give and receive love in its purest form.

As you delve into this celestial soundscape, allow the layered resonance of the OM chants to guide you to a state of deep healing and profound connection with the cosmos, nurturing your inner peace and awakening.

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