OM Mantras – Solfeggio Frequencies

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Whether you’re new to the realm of sound healing or a seasoned spiritual traveller, this album serves as deep nourishment for the soul. The mellifluous flow of chants and frequencies unfurls like petals, revealing your innermost reservoirs of love, healing, and intuitive wisdom. Close your eyes and let the transformative power of these OM mantras wash over you, as if each chant is a drop of nectar, nourishing the garden of your inner self. 

10 Tracks of OM MANTRAS:

174Hz – Foundation Frequency
285Hz – Healing Frequency
396Hz – Liberating Frequency
417Hz – Resonating Frequency
432Hz – Wellbeing Frequency
528Hz – Love Frequency
639Hz – Connecting Frequency
741Hz – Awakening Frequency
852Hz – Intuition Frequency
963Hz – Frequency of the Universe

Step into a haven of tranquillity and inner exploration with our OM Mantras Album, a celestial journey through the tapestry of Solfeggio Frequencies. Each meticulously crafted track is a sacred bridge to your inner sanctuary, designed to elevate your spirit and harmonise the mind-body continuum. The album is an aural garden, where atmospheric and mystical soundscapes seamlessly blend with multi-layered OM chants, transporting you to a realm of profound inner peace.

As you traverse the sacred tones – from the Foundation Frequency of 174Hz that grounds your spirit, to the Intuition Frequency of 852Hz that illuminates the lantern of your inner wisdom – each OM mantra guides you like an age-old sage through your own personal pilgrimage. Each OM Mantra builds in resonance and intensity, leading to the transformative ‘Power OM’ every fourth chant. 

Enriched with multiple OM voicings and harmonics, encompassing both higher and lower octaves, the ‘Power OM’ deeply embeds the Solfeggio Frequencies into your very being. The perfect fifth note in the scale, which possesses the strongest mathematical relationship to the root note helps reinforce each frequency and further amplifies the sonic impact of the OM.

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By blending these elements with the ethereal sounds of Tibetan overtone throat singing, each OM Mantra builds up to the ultimate ‘Power OM,’ deeply embedding the Solfeggio Frequencies into the very essence of the listener.

Discover OM Mantras – Solfeggio Frequencies


10 tracks

43:28 total minutes


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(High Quality 320kbps resolution)


Solfeggio Frequencies, Tibetan Overtone Chants, Bells, Chimes & Percussion

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