Path to Tao

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Radio Edit | 6:26

Translated literally as ‘The Way’ or ‘The Path’, Tao is a name for the eternally nameless, for the primordial essence, for the fabric out of which all things in the universe are made and from which all universal energies flow. Like water it is in its essential nature undifferentiated. Like a river that never runs dry, the Tao endlessly replenishes itself.

Gentle and soothing melodies of the piano serve as a guiding light, leading listeners through a soundscape of peace and introspection. The deep, grounding tones of the Indian Bansuri flute echo the whispers of ancient wisdom, while the beautiful plucks of the Chinese Guzheng string instrument weave a tapestry of harmonious melodies, reminiscent of the delicate balance in nature. The rhythms from Indian Tabla drums add a layer of depth, creating a meditative yet energizing atmosphere. This harmonious blend of world fusion sounds not only soothes the soul but also energizes the spirit, offering a unique path to an inward and expansive soundscape, leading to a place where you can truly be yourself.

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