Sleep Relaxation for babies


Creating a nurturing and safe space for deep sleep, this music has been especially designed and composed for newborn babies and young families to help establish healthy sleep routines.

Sleep is an essential ingredient of a happy family. It is a key factor in your little one’s development, a time when body and brain can process all the stimuli of awake time. Healthy sleep patterns assist the development of a sense of comfort and security within your child which they can then carry with them throughout their childhood and into their adult lives.

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Each track contains the familiar sounds of a mother’s heartbeat and soothing background noises carefully crafted to create a relaxing soundscape. Melodic rhythms and lullabies help guide your child into deep sleep, and the warm and heart opening sounds of the Shakuhachi flute and gentle chants create a sense of relaxation, comfort and security.

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10 tracks 52 total minutes


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(High Quality 320kbps resolution)


Japanese Shakuhachi, Chinese Dizi, Hang Drum, Tibetan Overtone Chanting, Indian Bansuri, Chimes, Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowls

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  1. Janet, Boston

    Lovely way to create the right setting for bedtime!

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