• Meditation Music for Healing & Relaxation

    Soothe the mind, relax the body and lift the spirits. Ambient soundscapes, instruments from around the world, and sounds from nature are key ingredients Aroshanti uses to help facilitate safe and warm spaces for your meditation practices. Listen to all tracks here

Trade CD Packs



CDs Packs available

5 CDs @ £40 (£8.00 per CD)

10 CDs @ £75 (£7.50 per CD)

15 CDs @ £108 (£7.20 per CD)

20 CDs @ £140 (£7.00 per CD)

What you sell a CD for is up to you but the


Recommended Retail Price is £12.00 per CD

If you would like to sell any of Aroshanti’s albums to your own client’s or in your shop you are very welcome to do so. We have setup a few Trade CD pack options, with a recommended retail price, for you to choose from.

If you would like help or have any questions please send an email to studio@aroshanti.com

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