Universal OM Mantra at 417Hz

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Radio Edit | 5:33
Extended Mix | 55:00

Ground yourself in universal energies with the all-encompassing sound of the OM mantra. Let ribbons of energetic vibrations and overtone harmonies flow through you with every OM. Awaken to clearer vision, with mind and body in deep-rooted connection to the present moment and to Mother Earth.

Why 108 times?
108 is thought to be significant in certain cultures and religions due to the estimated diameter and distances from the cosmic positions of the sun, moon, and earth. A mantra that is recited 108 times is regarded as a method for bringing harmony to universal vibrations.

Why 417 Hz?
417 Hz is one of the six beautiful Solfeggio Frequencies, which resonates with the Sacral Chakra, our body’s second energy centre. 417 Hz is known to be helpful in releasing emotional blockages and restoring balance. It can also help us connect with our intuition and creativity, as well as with our inner wisdom.

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