Warrior of Zen


Discover the Way of the Zen master.

Step into the ancient world of the Zen master, a pursuit of mind, body and spiritual balance. 10 enchanting tracks both Zen like and soul stirring with authentic world instruments. Performed and arranged by Shakuhachi master Aroshanti.

Total run time: 70:12

Available as MP3 Downloads (at Highest Quality 320kbps resolution) or a CD in the post.

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10 enchanting tracks of over an hour of music. Taking you through the beauty and power of the Zen Warrior.

Watch Warrior of Zen video, featuring all 10 track previews

Discover Warrior of Zen


10 tracks 70:12 minutes


Don’t just take our word for it read reviews by some practitioners




(High Quality 320kbps resolution)


Japanese Shakuhachi, Chinese Dizi, Guzheng, Erhu, Taiko Drums, Tibetan Overtone Chanting, Chimes, Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowls

What others are saying

2 reviews for Warrior of Zen

  1. Barbara Rose

    Great Album Authenic sound and story enabling me to fully experience the world of the ancient samurai.. the music comes alive as the story unfolds… i liked the video.. especially the clink of the sword… the music explicitly and profoundly marries with the scene unfolding before my eyes.. thank you

  2. Philip Hallquist

    I really like this CD; I’m glad I bought it. It’s getting to be one of my favorite albums. While I am somewhat sceptical of it’s evoking mideval Japan, it is still a splendid album in the sort of New Age/World Music genre. I recommend it highly to anybody who’s interested in ambient music with an Asian feeling.

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