Zen Relaxation


Japanese Shakuhachi and Chinese Dizi flutes, echoed with Tibetan chanting, take the listener on a peaceful and meditative journey through the essence of Zen.

The open space within the music can help facilitate deep spiritual reflection making it ideal for any meditation practices or energy work.

7 Tracks | Total run time 57:83

Available as MP3 Downloads (at Highest Quality 320kbps resolution) or a CD in the post.

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Relaxing soundscapes create a safe space for deep meditation.

“The awakening taught by the Buddha came through his meditation practices, not from any words that he read or discovered, and so it is primarily through meditation that others too may awaken to the same insights as the Buddha.”

Meditation’s Awakening

Discover Zen Relaxation


7 tracks 57:83 minutes


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(High Quality 320kbps resolution)


Japanese Shakuhachi, Chinese Dizi, Hang Drum, Tibetan Overtone Chanting, Indian Bansuri, Chimes, Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowls

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8 reviews for Zen Relaxation

  1. Barbara Rose

    Cannot recommend it highly enough It verges on the impossible to review this album for it takes you to a place where there are no words.. simply deep profound experience… sound dissolves into stillness where it is miraculously born once more into form… it tells the story of creation itself.. one glorious note echoing the entirety of existence… i love it and cannot recommend it highly enough… well done aroshanti your talent for expressing that which cannot be expressed is truly divine! ps 5 stars is not enough!!!

  2. Andy Rogers

    Quite simply a stunning album I have bought hundreds of “new age” albums over the years but it has been a long time since one has stopped me in my tracks like this one has …Calming, soothing, haunting and beautiful – the perfect antidote to a world gone slightly mad. I bought this two weeks ago and have played it every night since . I absolutely cannot recommend this highly enough as an escape to a better quieter place .. Arashanti, PLEASE make more like this one!

  3. Moongazer

    This is a lovely CD for engendering relaxation. I enjoy it as background music to create a relaxing atmosphere at home; it effectively offsets stress – it is exceptionally soothing. It would also be an ideal accompaniment for massage or Reiki. The themes capture the attention sufficently to draw one in, without actually going anywhere and without those annoying shifts of tempo that make too many so-called relaxation CDs disruptive – a rare attainment in this overcrowded market of overproduced attempts that so often, for me personally, miss the mark. This CD hits the spot.

  4. Remy Lotero

    Inner Chi All the music here is the perfect blend of instrumental ambiance. Atmospheric pads mixed with deep booming bass notes and beautiful sounding flutes. Excellent for meditation and acquiring a peace of mind. Also great for studying or taking a walk through nature.

  5. JP yogidra

    One of the true top 5 New Age albums in my huge collection.
    Between Deuter, Sangit OM, or Terry Oldfield,now we have Aroshanti.
    Bless you

  6. Paula Marriott

    Congratulations on your magical, breath-taking music. This will work beautifully with the type of yoga I teach. Loving it!

    Paula Marriott from British Wheel of Yoga


    This is truly an awesome album I listen to this almost everyday

  8. Dragos Folea

    So I am a Meditation trainer and I have been practicing meditation for 10 years, I have listened to many relaxing or meditative music. And so far I can say that this rates easily at the top. Good rhythm and great quality.

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