Roadtrippers Where does your meditation take you?
A walk through Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve is always a good idea.
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High Existence Powerful words. What do you think?
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1000 Places to See Before You Die Aroshanti shared 1000 Places to See Before You Die's photo.
First-ever drone footage reveals never-before-seen view of Uluru Wow! Never seen before views of Uluru National Park
MOST of us think we’re already well acquainted with Australia’s most iconic landmark — but new vision is offering a look at Uluru like we’ve never seen it before.
Making sound visible through cymatics Very interesting background to Cymatics ... how does the music you listen to affect the matter you and I are made up of?
Evan Grant demonstrates the science and art of cymatics, a process for making soundwaves visible. Useful for ...
One Mind Dharma Wish I could remember this every day!
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Timeline Photos Not entirely sure they are at opposite ends of Earth but love the idea!
Timeline Photos Thank you Paula at British Wheel of Yoga for the lovely feedback "Congratulations on your magical, breath-taking music. This will work beautifully with the type of yoga I teach... Loving it!"

It's always lovely to get feedback after spending hours ...
Music Therapy | Autism NOW Center Hot off the press! The Music therapy Weekly is out!
Ryan Judd is a board certified music therapist with a master’s degree in Music Therapy. He has been in private practice and specializing in children with special needs for ...

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