Playlists for Your Day

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Start your day with the Morning Meditation and help clear your head and wake for the great day ahead.

Tracks in this playlist are extra gentle and ideal for waking your senses, body and mind for the day ahead.

Get through the day keeping music at hand whether you are having a Chilled Commute, or maybe need to Focus at Work, and just need a Chilled Lounging Lunch.

Tracks in these playlists have been carefully selected to help you focus on the day at hand. Not too distracting but energising you through your day with a clear and focused mind.

OK, it’s time to get a balance.

It’s the body’s turn and whether you are hitting the gym, going for a run or just needing some extra energy this is a playlist for your muscles and mind.

These up tempo and energising tracks will help you move and get through that Afternoon Workout.

Well done for getting this far in your day and totally rocking!

It’s now time for a Destress from work and a Chillout Evening.

Whether you are just needing some space to clear your thoughts or calming background music to enjoy time with friends and family, these are the playlists to help.

What a day!

Now it’s time for my favourite part of the day, a good night’s sleep. I’ve carefully selected my favourite tracks that help calm your thoughts and clear your mind allowing you for Sleep Deep. Nothing too distracting but just the right amount of soothing sounds and gentle melodies to help you drift you off and your body energise itself for the next day.

… and repeat!

1 Hour Session Playlists

During your day you may plan to do a specific exercise or practice. I have a couple of focused playlists to help you in your YogaReiki, or Massage sessions.