New Tracks for Sleep Relaxation

Creating a nurturing and safe space for deep sleep, this music has been especially designed and composed for newborn babies and young families to help establish healthy sleep routines.

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New Royalty Free Media Licences

The Royalty Free Media Licences now look extra fresh and special after a complete make over. These media licences give you the permission you need to use Aroshanti's music on your media projects.

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New in the Studio ... Sundrum

New in the Studio is the Sundrum by Valter Percussion, which sounds like a mix of a Kalimba and a Tongue Drum. What makes the Sundrum so special are the tunable tongues using magnets.

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Practitioner Licence gets a new look

I've updated the look and feel of our free Practitioner License. Add one to your shopping basket to make sure you're covered or drop me a line and I'll be happy to update your existing one.

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Royalty Free Music Licence

background music for your media products and projects

If you would like to use any of the music from Aroshanti’s released albums on your own media projects, as background music, you can do this with our Royalty Free ‘Media Music Licence’. This licence gives you permission to use the track(s) in your commercial products, such as guided meditations or exercise DVDs.

To complete the licence an Aroshanti.com order number will be assigned to the licence. This order number should include the music you plan to use under the Media Music Licence. You can either purchase the music at the same time as purchasing the licence or you can enter the order number from a previous purchase.

We also require a credit to Aroshanti is included in your finished project, such as ‘music by Aroshanti.com’ on the back cover of your DVD for example.

Purchase a music licence for your project

*Terms of use apply (see below)

If you are looking for a licence to use music during your treatments and classes a different licence is available here.

Commission Exclusive Music

If you require exclusive and original music for a media project please do get in touch. To get started please complete the below form:

1 Your music requirements
2 Your contacts details
  • Please describe the project you are working on and the type of music you need:
  • Please indicate the timeframe and deadlines
  • Please indicate the budget you have in mind:

*Summary of Terms of Sale for music bought on Aroshanti.com

Having purchased music from Aroshanti.com, you may use the music in the following ways (subject to the full terms of sale available here):

1. Permitted Uses:

  • Downloading a copy of each purchased Track
  • Copying, storing and listening to three of copies of each Track on not more than three portable electronic music players, PDAs, mobile phones or similar portable devices
  • Copying, storing and listening to up to three copies of each
  • Track on not more than three CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, DVD+Rs, DVD+RWs or similar storage media


2. Prohibited Uses:

  • Publication, sale, licensing, sub-licensing, renting, transferring, transmission, broadcasting, distribution, redistribution or playing in public of any Track or any part of any Track in any format
  • Editing, modification, adaptation or alteration of any Track or any part of any Track
  • Use of any Track or any part of any Track in any way that is unlawful or in breach of any person’s legal rights under any applicable law, or in any way that is offensive, indecent, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable
  • Use of any Track or any part of any Track to compete with us, whether directly or indirectly
  • Any commercial use of any Track or any part of any Track unless you have been granted a personal supplemental Practitioner Music Licence or a Media Music Licence issued by us in writing.

For full details of the Terms of Sale please click here

Practitioner music licence

Using our Practitioner Licence

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Royalty free music for your media projects

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