New Tracks for Sleep Relaxation

Creating a nurturing and safe space for deep sleep, this music has been especially designed and composed for newborn babies and young families to help establish healthy sleep routines.

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New Royalty Free Media Licences

The Royalty Free Media Licences now look extra fresh and special after a complete make over. These media licences give you the permission you need to use Aroshanti's music on your media projects.

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New in the Studio ... Sundrum

New in the Studio is the Sundrum by Valter Percussion, which sounds like a mix of a Kalimba and a Tongue Drum. What makes the Sundrum so special are the tunable tongues using magnets.

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Shaku Storm – Emerging From The Mist

It’s dark, wet, and cold. You are surrounded by a thick fog. In the distance a battle drum can be heard, it’s getting closer….!
This track is a mysterious and suspenseful theme composed to help build anticipation for your on screen action.

by Nick Truch, signed to Pacifica Music through Studio51